Below are the nine KICKASS parts of the Dutch DJ Academy…

1. DJ School Utrecht

Our Dutch DJ/Producer Academy

dutch dj school

The Dutch DJ Academy started out as just ‘DJ School Utrecht‘ in 2009 and DJ School Utrecht is still the homebase. People from all around the globe come over to our Dutch DJ Academy to follow courses for DJ’s and Producers. The reasons why people come to us are for instance, we’re not commercial, we’re personal, we’re passionate and we coach you, to see you grow in what you do!

We teach people how to be a DJ, in beatmatching, mixing, turntablism, scratching, controllerism, vinyl, digital dj-ing etc. For producers we have courses in Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Maschine, Reason, Studio One etc. And every private course is custom made, just for you! Tell us what you already know, what you want, and where you want to go to and we’ll teach you!

2. DJ & Producer Summer Courses

Our Dutch DJ Summer School & Producer Summer School!

When people from outside of Holland started to show interest in the Dutch DJ Academy, the idea came up to start a DJ Summer School and that became a great success! In our Summer camp we welcome students from all over the world to come over to the Netherlands and join our Dutch DJ Summer courses and stay with us for a month with courses for DJ-ing and Music Production. Besides the ‘regular’ courses we do very cool things on the side, but those we keep as a surprise…

3. Get HY on our supply!

Our DJ Truck!

get high on our supply hoogwerker

Besides teaching at our Dutch DJ Academy, we have some cool things on the side as well, like our first mobile DJ booth, which we made happen with the help of crowdfunding!

It’s an oldtimer DJ truck. A Citroen HY from 1966, hence the slogan ‘Get HY on our supply!‘, often used as a foodtruck, we rebuild it as a DJ van. We rent it out to things like Wedding parties, corporate events, Amsterdam Dance Event, Music Festivals etc. The cool thing about it is, you can even put 3 DJ’s on there at the same time and let them perform with Silent Disco, that’s unique!

4. Go with our Flow!

Our mobile dj booth!

mobiele dj booth

The second mobile DJ booth the Dutch DJ Academy created was originally an electrical children’s transport vehicle, a Stint. And we transformed that too into a DJ on the move, ‘Go with our Flow!‘!

5. Booking agency

Our dj & artist, mobile dj solution booking agency!

dj boekingsbureau

Besides the fact we train our own DJ’s at the Dutch DJ Academy, we rent them out too! We have our own dj booking agency and not only with (former-) students, but with professional DJ’s too. And we don’t only rent out DJ’s, but artists as well, like Saxophone players, Percussionists, Singers etc. For your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, foodtruck festival, you name it, we can provide you with the music you need.

6. B-Side radio show

Our weekly radio show on Deep.FM with host Bo Risky coming straight from Holland! online dance radio station

Founder of the Dutch DJ Academy, Boris Bals, a.k.a. Mood manager Bo Risky, has his own radio show on the side too. On the B-Side to be correct. It’s broadcasted every Wednesday evening at 19.00h CET on DEEP.FM. If you need some promotion with your music, you can send in a guest mix for instance, or promos to become the #beatoftheweek!

7. Silent Disco

Our special & unique version of Silent Disco!

koptelefoon disco

It’s not only loud and noisy at the Dutch DJ Academy. In 2016 we invested in a Silent Disco system and rent that out too. Besides the regular Silent Disco headphones, we have a second version, a very special one. You need to bring your own pair of headphones, can be any pair, like your iPhone earbuds or your Beats by Dr.Dre, as long as it has a mini jack plug. The regular version has 3 channels, the special one has even 4 channels! Of course we rent out DJ’s too with the Silent Disco system, or an iPad with music, lights, DJ gear etc.

8. B-Side record label

Our own record label, soon to come!

record label holland

Of course when you teach people how to make music, it’s bound to happen that there is talent flowing from the Dutch DJ Academy! So we’re busy with starting our own label. And not only for our own talent, but every talent we bump into and we think needs a platform for their music!

9. Soon 2 b revealed!

Has something to do with sleep…

dj hotel

We’re never stopping with creating ideas and realising them at the Dutch DJ Academy. This one will be very different again and worth the wait…